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In the present life system, a birth certificate is required for various purposes. Currently, there are two types of birth certificates available in Bangladesh (previously handwritten certificate and certificate containing online information). Moreover, with the advancement of information technology, anyone can create fake birth certificates and commit fraud in various places. So, now there is also a facility to verify and check birth certificate online.

Moreover, anyone can verify their birth certificate online for any need. So, know the online birth certificate check and verification method with download your desired birth certificate very easily. Read this post in Bangla: অনলাইনে জন্ম নিবন্ধন যাচাই

Birth Certificate (Jonmo Sonod)

Here is an original (Jonmo Sonod) picture. Using this birth certificate’s identification number, we will check the status available online and verify whether this is original or fake. Along with we (BangladeshGov.Org) will discuss Online Birth Certificate Check and Verification.

Jonmo Sonod, Birth Certificate

According to this Birth Certificate holder Mr. A, the Jonmo Sonod was created by his local Pourosova. He has not done any Birth Certificate Application Online to include this information. But still, his Birth Certificate information is available online at

Importance of Online Birth Certificate Verification

Generally, the birth certificate is used for those under the age of 18 to 20 who do not have a national identity card. Which acts as their identity card which identifies their name, identity, address, and age. The birth certificate of this age group is mainly required for admission to educational institutions and e-passport application.

As, both admission to educational institutions and e-passport are very important. Therefore, the authorities must verify the correctness of the candidates’ information given the application. In this case, verifiers do not have to go to the “Office of the Registrar General, Birth and Death Registration” and wait for hours. Hence, unnecessary time is not wasted in checking the birth certificate. It is advantageous and important as there is an option to check birth certificate online and the verification takes only 1 minute.

Also, the birth certificate is the main age verification document for applying for National Identity Card. Moreover, the birth certificate is the main identity document for any application such as opening a bank account, driving license application, marriage registration of girls at the age of 18, etc.

The most important thing is that one can check his birth certificate information online when needed and also download the birth certificate if needed.

Required Info To Check Birth Certificate Online

A birth registration certificate is an identity document containing personal information. So, anyone can’t check anyone’s birth certificate. 2 important personal details are required to check birth certificate online. which are-

  1. Birth Registration Number which is usually 17 digits.
  2. Date Of Birth

Note: It is not possible to check or extract birth registration certificates by name and address in any way. But if you don’t know your registration number then contact the nearest municipality or union counseling office.

How To Check Birth Certificate Online?

The “Local Government Division” has opened the online service of birth and death certificate verification to all through Hope you know the desired birth registration certificate number and date of birth. So, how to check and verify birth certificate from everify bdris gov bd is given below step by step.

  • Open the web page and wait until it is fully loaded.
  • On the page, you will see 3 boxes for providing information namely ‘Birth Registration Certificate Number’, ‘Date of Birth’, and ‘Math Answer’. Answer the birth certificate number, the correct date of birth, and the number given in the picture displayed in those boxes. Then click on the search button.

Birth Certificate Online Check

  • If the information you entered is correct, you can see the details of the birth registration certificate on the next page. Note that information display patterns may vary from person to person.

birth registration certificate

You can check your birth registration certificate online anytime by following these simple steps mentioned above.

What To Do If Birth Certificate Information Is Missing Or Partial Info?

Generally, all information is available online only if the birth certificate is available (even if the birth certificate is not registered online). But if for some reason your information is not available on the site then what to do-

  • First of all, make sure that your birth registration number and date of birth are correct. Because, if the birth certificate number and date of birth do not match correctly, your information will not be displayed.
  • If your information is not received even after giving the correct registration number and date of birth, contact your nearest municipality or union parishad to find out whether your birth certificate has been entered in their database. If not then update your details. If necessary, apply for a new birth certificate application (নতুন জন্ম নিবন্ধন আবেদন) or get your birth registration certificate in English.
  • Also, if your birth registration certificate information appears on but is incomplete, try again. Because, sometimes due to server problems the information display page doesn’t load completely. If partial information is displayed for a long time or repeatedly, change your web browser and try again.

Birth Certificate Download

Birth certificate is urgently required and you don’t have the original copy. Are you thinking of downloading your birth certificate online? Yes! In this case, you can use the online copy for urgent purposes if the authority (where you use it) allows it.

Above we have described the procedure to check birth certificate. You may have got your birth certificate following that procedure. But not getting any download button or download option? In this case, note that there is no option to download birth registration online. You can print the page.

However, when you check your information, the way the birth certificate information is displayed is actually the online copy. If you want to download the birth registration certificate, take a screenshot or save the entire webpage as HTML or PDF (if available).

  • To take screenshots from mobile (Android) press down volume button + lock button together.
  • Click the “Print Screen Sys Rq” button on the top row of the keyboard to take a screenshot from the computer. Then open the ”Paint” tool from the Start menu and press ”Ctrl + v”. Crop the required part of the birth certificate from the complete screenshot and save it as JPEG format from the File menu.

Note: If you have a copy of the Birth Certificate from the Municipality or Union Parishad, it is recommended to use it everywhere.


Checking birth certificate online is a simple procedure. Anyone from any part of the world can check the birth certificate just by using personal identification number and date of birth. For this, the website has been provided by the Government of Bangladesh. In this case, we have discussed all the issues and steps related to checking birth certificate online. Hope you got all the information related to your birth certificate check in this discussion.

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  3. Thank you for the step-by-step guide on how to check birth certificate online. I was having trouble finding the correct procedure and this was super helpful. Will definitely be referring back to this post in the future.

  4. Sir amr present & permanent address both South city corporation er under e . amr seler birth certificate o DSCC te kora but akhon passport fee bank joma nile o passport office e passport korte partasi na .

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  6. I applied online a long time ago to correct my son’s name. I have been asked to contact but could not contact due to time and distance. Now I need to open my son’s school unique ID. But it is not happening. The name correction application is shwoing. I want to cancel this name correction application. On an urgent basis, what should I do?

  7. I have voter ID but I cant found my Birth certificate .
    kindly help me how to get i have valid Passport can see from passport number ?
    is there any option to get some information or i have to make new Birth certificate .

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