Dhaka University A / KA Science Unit Result 2024 – DU Admission

Dhaka University (DU) A Unit Admission Test Result is very important for science students. Because A unit is related to the science department of Dhaka University admission test. This result determines the admission status of applicants in various science (A unit) programs offered by Dhaka University. Candidates can check DU A unit result through the official website of Dhaka University.

In this discussion, we will try to discuss in detail the Dhaka University (DU) A Unit (Science) Admission Test Result. That is the method of checking Dhaka University A/KA unit results. At the same time, we will discuss the A unit admission test subjects, questions, marks, and result preparation methods. Moreover, the pass marks and the qualifications required for admission in various subjects of the science department, so that the students have a clear idea about the results and admissions of the Science/A unit of Dhaka University.

So, are you a candidate for DU a unit exam? If yes, then definitely you need to know how to get your A unit exam result with subject-wise MCQ score and necessary information. So, let’s start gathering knowledge about DU A Unit Result. Read this post in Bangla: ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ক ইউনিট ফলাফল

Dhaka University A (Science) Unit Exam

Dhaka University conducts the admission test program of their science faculty departments and subjects through A unit. Every year A unit admission test is conducted by questions on science subjects. This year (2024), on March 1, the DU Science Unit/A Unit exam was conducted from 11 am to 12:30 pm.

Dhaka University (DU) A unit exam is 100 marks in a combination of MCQ and written part. Out of this, the pass mark is 40. Physics and Chemistry are compulsory and (Mathematics, Biology, Bengali, and English) any 2 of the subjects together in a total of 4 subjects admission test of A unit. 15 MCQs and 10 marks written in 4 subjects, a total of 60 marks, and a written test of 40 marks. In this case, both MCQ and written exam duration is only 1 hour 30 minutes.

According to the report of News Dhaka, this year 1 lakh 22 thousand 184 students have applied for the DU A Unit (Science Faculty) admission exam. On the other hand, the number of seats in unit A is 1851. That means, 66 candidates fought against 1 seat in Dhaka University A unit.

DU A Unit Result Publication Date

After conducting the DU A unit exam on March 1, 2024, all candidates are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the results. There is no fixed date for the publication of the DU A unit result. According to the DU A unit circular, it may take up to a month (4 weeks).

Previously, when the result and admission process depended solely on the MCQ examination at Dhaka University, the results were typically published within 3 to 5 days. However, since the addition of a written test to the MCQ in the examination, the time required to prepare and publish the A unit results of Dhaka University has been extended.

Dhaka University authorities have not announced the A unit result publication date. However, from the experience of the past years, it is believed that the DU A Unit Result will be published in the first week of April. However, the authorities inform the result publish date and time before two days of the result release.

DU A/KA Unit Result Preparation Process

After the DU unit A exam, the result verification and preparation turn begins. So, every candidate’s MCQ will be verified through the OMR machine. In this case, DU authority will consider candidates to pass if they obtain a minimum of 24 marks out of 60 MCQ. Note that the authority will deduct 0.25 marks from the marks obtained for each wrong MCQ.

Candidates’ written papers will be verified only if they get pass marks in the MCQ part. There is also a condition that written papers of 5 times the total number of seats in the science unit will be verified. That is, a total of 9255 written papers will be verified on the merit of the MCQ score. Those who get 12 marks in the written part and get at least 40 marks combined in the MCQ and written test will be considered for passing and admission.

Also, candidates have 20 marks based on their GPA of SSC and HSC results. In this case, students should multiply the SSC and HSC result points by 2. Then the number obtained will be added to the number of A-unit admission tests. That is 100 marks in the admission exam and 20 marks in the SSC+HSC exam total of 120 marks.

Therefore, in the examination of Dhaka University’s A unit, those who have scored more than 40 marks in the 100 marks exam (according to the conditions), their marks add to their SSC+HSC results marks to prepare the final merit list. However, there are subject-specific minimum qualifications for admission consideration in each subject of the Science Unit. Below is the list of minimum qualifications for admission to the subject-wise A unit.

DU A Unit Result 2024

Dhaka University – DU A Unit Result Release Pattern is very nice and informative. Because candidates can see how many answers he/she has given, how many are correct, and how many are wrong. As a result, candidates can have full confidence in their A-unit exam marks. However, are you a candidate for DU A Unit Exam? Don’t know how to check DU A unit result?

For your information, you can know the Dhaka University Admission Result: DU A Unit Admission Exam Result in two ways. Two methods are through SMS from mobile and online through the official website (https://admission.eis.du.ac.bd). Here we will discuss both methods of checking Dhaka University (DU) A Unit Result.

Check DU A Unit Result From admission.eis.du.ac.bd

Dhaka University A unit result online checking and inbox checking are the same. Because A unit candidates can see their results (MCQ scores & Written marks) only if they log in to the Dhaka University admission page. The login details are their SSC & HSC roll, registration number, and passing year. Follow the steps below to complete the process:

DU Admission Dashboard - A Unit Result

  • To get DU A/KA unit admission test result, visit to the official DU admission web portal: https://admission.eis.du.ac.bd.
  • After that, you will see a button named “Login“, click on it.
  • Then, provide your HSC roll, board, passing year, and SSC roll, and click on the “Dakhil Korun” button.
  • Next, You will receive your applied A-unit information along with a result link (if the A-unit result has been published).
  • Finally, your DU A Unit Result will be available to you.

DU Admission Login

On the dashboard, you can get your all subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Bengali, English) MCQ scores, and Written marks.

DU KA Unit Result Via SMS

Another way to get DU KA unit result is the SMS method. In this method, no need for an internet connection. Candidates just need to send an SMS to 16321 number with a specific format. So, if you want to get DU KA unit result by a mobile phone using SMS then follow the below SMS format.

SMS format to get DU KA unit result: DU KA Admission Roll

Example: DU KA 12345678

Subject-Wise Requirements for DU Science or A Unit Admission

Dhaka University admission test result prepares with a total of 120 marks. It contains 20 marks from SSC (GPA x 2) and HSC (GPA x 2) results. Also, 100 marks of A Unit Admission Test.

We know that Dhaka University has all the subjects of science faculty in the KA unit. Being at the top of the merit list isn’t sufficient for eligibility in these subjects admission. Admission to each subject requires minimum marks in various subjects in the admission test. So after publishing the A unit result, know the conditions and qualifications before submitting the subject choice. Below is the list of subject-wise minimum qualifications for DU A unit admission.

DU A Unit Admission Result Requirement


The process of getting the Dhaka University (DU) A/KA unit admission exam result 2024 is very easy. So, Science students can easily get their A/KA unit result through the Online & SMS methods. We already discussed all about DU A / KA / Science unit result. So, we hope that you all get your results from our discussion. Still need help with the DU A unit result? comment below.

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