Dhaka University (DU) Admission Result 2024 – KA, KHA, GA Unit

Dhaka University (DU) admission result (KA, KHA, GA Unit) fulfills the dream of thousands of students to study in this institute. Because every year lakhs of students participate in Dhaka University admission test. Therefore, everyone is waiting for the release of Dhaka University admission test results since the exam. That’s why, here we are discussing in detail about Dhaka University DU Admission Test Result and also highlighting the methods to view all unit (KA, KHA, GA) result. Read this post in Bangla: ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ভর্তি পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট

Dhaka University Admission

Usually every year Dhaka University examines admission to their first year honors course. Students are admitted through 3 separate examinations through A, B, and C units for Science, Arts, and Commerce departments respectively. So, for admission in the preferred department/subject, students apply for admission to their HSC category-wise unit and participate in the admission test.

This year, the Dhaka University Admission Test started on January 24 through the “Khelwad” unit. Then, the examination of IBA unit on February 10, B unit on February 23, C unit on February 24, A unit on March 1, and Fine arts unit will continue till March 10, respectively.

Students answer both the MCQs and the written part of the 1 hour 30 minutes entrance test. In this case, there were 60 MCQs of 60 marks and written part of 40 marks. A score of 40 in the admission test of 100 marks will be considered as pass.

Dhaka University Admission Result Preparation

In case of admission test, Dhaka University Merit List is not only prepared based on the test result, HSC and SSC results of the students are also added. That is, the final merit list will be prepared on the basis of total 120 marks, which will be multiplied by 2 with the SSC and HSC result points of the candidates and added to the admission test marks.

As there are two parts to the exam, both the parts have to be cleared separately. However, if you get 40 marks in the exam out of 100 marks, you will pass. However, the minimum pass marks vary due to different question patterns of different units.

Dhaka University Admission Result Preparation

Dhaka University (DU) Admission Result

All the results will be available for those who have participated in the Dhaka University admission test, whether the test is good or bad. As the examination of different units is held on different days, the results will also be released on different days. In this case, the candidates who have appeared in the examination in that unit will know the result from their admission dashboard.

Dhaka University Admission Test Result is available in detail. Here, candidates can see their number of correct and wrong answers. Again, there is a total score minus the marks deducted for wrong answers from the marks obtained. Moreover, he can confirm his place in the merit list prepared according to total marks. So, the Dhaka University authorities disclose all the information that an admission test candidate needs about their result.

How To See DU (A Unit, B Unit, C Unit) Result?

Dhaka University (DU) admission test result is seen in two ways every year. The traditional method is to view the results by logging in from the official website of Dhaka University.

Also, SMS is the medium to get results easily without the possibility of server complications or an internet connection. In this case, DU (A Unit, B Unit, C Unit) results can be known by sending a specific format SMS from any mobile number.

So, let’s know about the two methods (online and SMS) of Dhaka University admission test results.

Check DU result from admission.eis.du.ac.bd

We know that the official website of Dhaka University (DU) Admission Test is admission.eis.du.ac.bd. Where all information from application to admit card, exam center seat, and result is available.

So, the results of all units (A unit, B unit, C unit, and others) of the Dhaka University (DU) admission test are also available at admission.eis.du.ac.bd site.

  • First, visit this link https://admission.eis.du.ac.bd and click on the login button. You will need your HSC exam roll, board, passing year, and SSC roll number to log in.
  • After login, you will see the unit exam in which you have participated in the dashboard. If that unit’s result is published, you will get a link to view the result next to it.
  • You can see Dhaka University Admission Test Result (MCQ & Written Marks) by entering the link to view the result of the exam unit you have attended.

Note that the link to view the result will be available only after the publication of each (DU A Unit Result, DU B Unit Result, DU C Unit Result) unit result. After the result, the instructions and activities of the DU admission process will also be there.

Get DU Results By Sending an SMS

If you don’t have a smartphone or a computer with an internet connection, then you can get the Dhaka University (DU) ALT unit, SCI unit, BUS unit, and FRT unit Results by sending an SMS. For this, open the message option on your mobile phone and send an SMS to 16321 in the following format. For this, you must have at least one SMS charge equivalent balance on your mobile.

SMS Format: DU (space) Unit name (space) admission roll

Arts, Law, and Sociology Unit Result Getting SMS Format

  • DU ALT 12345678

Science Unit Result Getting SMS Format

  • DU SCI 12345678

Business Studies Unit Result Getting SMS Format

  • DU BUS 12345678

Fine Arts Unit Result Getting SMS Format

  • DU FRT 12345678

Subject-wise Eligibility As Per Dhaka University Admission Unit

Many candidates are unaware that Dhaka University requires subject-specific qualifications for admission. Almost every unit has several departments where a certain minimum score is required in a specific section of the admission test.

If you don’t have the minimum marks, you won’t have the opportunity to get admitted to a good department, whether at the beginning or toward the end of the merit list. For example, in Unit KHA, the admission test includes questions on Bengla, English, and general knowledge. In the written part, only English and Bengla are tested.

Let’s say, now one student has scored lower in Bengla and English but higher in general knowledge, so they’re placed well in the merit list. On the other hand, another student has scored well in Bengla and English but poorly in general knowledge, so they’re placed lower on the merit list. The first one got 11 in Bengali and 13 in English. The second one got 21 in Bengali and 16 in English.

So, for all departments where a minimum of 14 in English and 12 in Bengla is required, the first student won’t be considered for admission from the beginning of the merit list. However, the next student will be considered for admission in all those subjects from the lower end of the merit list, only among those who fulfill the minimum requirements. Below is the list of minimum qualifications and conditions for department and subject based on units.

Now, here’s the list of minimum qualifications and conditions for DU admission’s department and subject-based units.

DU B Unit Admission Result Requirement

DU A Unit Admission Result Requirement


The Dhaka University Admission Test comprises three main units, and you can get the results on admission.eis.du.ac.bd. We’ve discussed how to view the results and included various conditions and requirements related to them. Understanding everything about your results as a Dhaka University applicant is crucial. This includes knowing how DU admission results are prepared, the admission quotas for different subjects, and how to check them. You can enroll as a student at Dhaka University by meeting all the requirements and conditions. Therefore, the Dhaka University admission test result holds significant importance.

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