HSC Exam Routine 2024

The HSC Examination 2024 date & time are approaching. HSC candidates are interested in knowing the exam timings to complete their last-minute preparation. Finally, the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released the HSC Exam routine and Time Table 2024. As a result, those who will participate in the HSC exam this year can take the preparation according to the remaining time. So, let’s know about HSC Routine 2024 in detail. Read this post in Bangla: এইচএসসি রুটিন

HSC Exam

HSC stands for “Higher Secondary Certificate Examination.” It is a board examination at the end of higher secondary education. In this case, education board authorities typically administer the HSC exam as an assessment at the conclusion of class 11th and 12th or equivalent studies. The HSC exam is an important milestone for students not only in Bangladesh but also in India, Pakistan, and many other countries.

After the SSC passes when students get college admission, students choose the Science, Commerce, or Humanities groups of their choice to study. Then, students complete the syllabus of the first and second paper books of different subjects of the respective departments for two years. Then, the college authority conducts a pre-HSC examination known as a test examination. Finally, the Boards of Education under the Ministry of Education conduct the HSC examination.

HSC examination plays an important role in determining a student’s eligibility for admission to universities and higher education institutions. Also, Various scholarship opportunities and future career paths consider the HSC results.

HSC Exam Date & Update News 2024

The latest news about the HSC exam 2024 date is that the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has released the HSC routine notice and schedule on 2nd April 2024. According to the notice, the HSC examination 2024 will start from Sunday, June 30, 2024. In this case, there are only 67 days left for HSC Exam 2024 to begin. The education board will conduct the written exams until Sunday, 11th August 2024, and will administer the practical exam between 12th August and 21st August.

Warning: The authorities may postpone the HSC exam from its scheduled date and time due to any sudden hazard or calamity. Routines may change at any time. That is why you should always know the HSC exam routine and update news. You can get here if there is any updated information about the HSC exam routine and date.

HSC Routine 2024

HSC Routine 2024 exam dates and timings are the same for all education boards in Bangladesh. The Nine education boards, Dhaka, Rajshahi, Jessore, Comilla, Chittagong, Barisal, Sylhet, Dinajpur, and Mymensingh boards will conduct the HSC examination at the same time. There are 5 compulsory subjects in the HSC exam which candidates of all groups will participate in. Moreover, students of respective groups will participate in group-based subjects.

The Dhaka Education Board has released the HSC Exam Routine 2024 on their website in a PDF file. Download the pdf file of the routine. Additionally, the picture of the HSC routine 2024 is provided below.

HSC Routine 2024

HSC Exam 2024 Date & Time

Here is the HSC Exam 2024 subject-wise date and time. As HSC Exam Date 2024 is released, the counting of days has started. So let’s see the subject-wise exam dates and how many days are left for the exam to start for any subject.

Subjects (10 AM to 1 PM) Codes Time Left Dates
Bangla 1st paper 101 67 days 30-06-2024
Bangla 2nd paper 102 69 days 02-07-2024
English 1st paper 107 71 days 04-07-2024
English 2nd paper 108 74 days 07-07-2024
ICT 275 76 days 09-07-2024
Physics 1st paper

Accounting 1st paper

Logic 1st paper




78 days 11-07-2024
Physics 2nd paper

Accounting 2nd paper

Logic 2nd paper




81 days 14-07-2024
Geography 1st paper 125 83 days 16-07-2024
Geography 2nd paper 126 85 days 18-07-2024
Chemistry 1st paper

Islamic History & Culture 1st paper

History 1st paper (HSC Routine)

Home Management & Family Life 1st paper

Production Management & Marketing 1st paper






88 days 21-07-2024
Chemistry 2nd paper

Islamic History & Culture 2nd paper

History 2nd paper

Home Management & Family Life 2nd paper

Production Management & Marketing 2nd paper






90 days 23-07-2024
Economics 1st paper

Engineering Drawing and Workshop Practice 1st Paper



92 days 25-07-2024
Economics 2nd paper

Engineering Drawing and Workshop Practice 2nd Paper (Optional 1, 2, 3)


222, 182, 183

95 days 28-07-2024
Civics 1st paper

Biology 1st paper

Business Organization and Management 1st paper




96 days 29-07-2024
Civics 2nd paper

Biology 2nd paper

Business Organization and Management 2nd paper




98 days 31-07-2024
Psychology 1st paper

Agriculture 1st paper

Soil Science 1st Paper

Arts and Crafts 1st Paper

Drama 1st paper






99 days 01-08-2024
Psychology 2nd paper

Agriculture 2nd paper

Soil Science 2nd Paper

Arts and Crafts 2nd Paper

Drama 2nd paper






102 days 04-08-2024
Higher Math 1st Paper

Islam Shikha 1st paper



103 days 05-08-2024
Higher Math 2nd Paper

Islam Shikha 2nd paper



105 days 07-08-2024
Finance, Banking and Insurance 1st paper

Child Development 1st paper



106 days 08-08-2024
Finance, Banking and Insurance 2nd paper

Child Development 2nd paper



109 days 11-08-2024
Subjects (2 PM to 5 PM) Codes Time Left Dates
Uchanga Sangeet (Theory) 1st Paper

Arabic 1st paper

Pali 1st paper




83 days 16-07-2024
Uchanga Sangeet (Theory) 2nd Paper

Arabic 2nd paper

Pali 2nd paper




85 days 18-07-2024
Food and Nutrition 1st Paper 279 96 days 29-07-2024
Food and Nutrition 2nd Paper 280 98 days 31-07-2024
Statistics (Theoretical) 1st Paper

Practical Arts and Textiles 1st Paper



99 days 01-08-2024
Statistics (Theoretical) 2nd Paper

Practical Arts and Textiles 2nd Paper



102 days 04-08-2024
Home Science 1st Paper

Sanskrit 1st paper

Laghu Sangeet (Theory) 1st Paper




103 days 05-08-2024
Home Science 2nd Paper

Sanskrit 2nd paper

Laghu Sangeet (Theory) 2nd Paper




105 days 07-08-2024
Sociology 1st paper

Social work 1st paper

Sports (Theory) 1st Paper



158, 160, 162, 164, 166, 168, 170, 220, 223, 257, 263, 300, 302, 306, 308, 310, 312

106 days 08-08-2024
Sociology 2nd paper

Social work 2nd paper

Sports (Theory) 2nd Paper



159, 161, 163, 165, 167, 169, 171, 221, 224, 258, 264, 301, 303, 307, 309, 311, 313

109 days 11-08-2024

HSC Routine Instructions for Candidates

Are you an HSC candidate? So here are some guidelines for you to follow during the exam.

  • Reach the exam hall 30 minutes before the start of HSC exam.
  • First, there will be Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) test followed by a Creative/Written (Theory) test.
  • In HSC exam, 30 minutes for MCQ exam of 30 marks, and 2 hours 30 minutes for the creative (CQ) exam of 70 marks. For the practical test, with 25 MCQs and 50 CQs, the duration is 25 minutes and 2 hours 35 minutes respectively.
  • Try to answer all the questions within the given time as per the exam time in the question paper.
  • Collect your admit card from your respective institute head well in advance of the HSC exam.
  • After receiving the answer sheet in the exam room, fill in your examination roll number, registration number, subject code, etc. information in the correct space provided on the answer sheet.
  • Theoretical, MCQ, and Practical (where applicable) must be passed in each section separately.
  • You can appear only in the examination mentioned on your registration card and admit card.
  • No student will be examined in their own college/institution. So before the exam, get the information about your center from your teachers.
  • Use only non-programmable scientific calculators during testing; Programming calculators are not allowed.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the examination hall.


HSC routine 2024 and its date & time have been published 88 days (on 02-04-2024) before the HSC exam starts. So, 2 years of preparation has to be completed with revision again in these 88 days. So that students can participate in the HSC exam with full preparation and confidence. That’s why we (BangladeshGov.Org) have discussed the necessary information and exam schedule for HSC Routine 2024.

Knowing how many days are left for any exam helps in planning. So we have also given the day countdown for each exam as per HSC routine. Also, we have described the instructions that an HSC candidate needs to follow. Hopefully, by downloading the HSC Exam Routine 2024 students will get their maximum preparation and get good results in the exam.

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