E‑Passport Application Process Online, Application Form, Status Check, Correction

The E‑Passport application process is available online. So, interested people in Bangladesh can get e-Passport at home. In addition, you can also check your pending e passport status. If you fill up an application with the wrong information then you can also correct your e passport data like name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, address, etc. We have tried to discuss all information about e passport BD such as how to apply for e passport, how to fill up e-passport form correctly, required documentation, fees, correction form, etc.

Recently Bangladesh Immigration and Passport Department has started to produce e-passport. So, the new passport applicant can do e passport from now. Those who have old machine readable passport (MRP) can also use their old ones. But if their passport date is over, they can also apply for an e-passport. So, e-passport is now very important for us. That’s why we are trying to help you by providing info & instructions about E-Passport. Before starting the discussion, we should know what is e-passport.


The full meaning of E-Passport is Electronic Passport. An e-passport is a card that can be used for biometric identification, with an electrical chip attached, and that chip contains information such as name, date of birth, address, etc., similar to a machine readable passport information page. All digital and biometric information for personal identification is stored on e-passport chip. The e-passport will contain the holder’s three types of photos, ten fingerprints, and eye retina information. So, every country’s Immigration can get holder’s all information easily and in a short time.

Difference Between Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and E-Passport

In the case of Bangladesh, there is not much structural discrepancy between e-passport and ordinary machine readable passport. Like ordinary passports, e-passports are 48 or 64 pages long. Moreover, just like a normal passport, e-passport also contains all the information including the picture of the person. However, although it looks almost the same, the e-passport has an electric chip.

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and E-Passport

The cover of the passport has a small logo of a chip in gold color. Moreover, the text in the e-passport is clear and there are 2 pictures of the person. In the case of ordinary passports, it takes a long time to verify or save the information during immigration, but in the case of e-passports, the machine will automatically enter the information. However, subsequent immigration authorities will issue entry and exit seals on the passport.

E Passport Info

Passport is an important identity card in case of foreign activity, arrival, and departure. So day by day people need to apply for passports. And now e-passport is available in Bangladesh. Therefore, all passport applicants are interested in applying for e-passport. So, everyone is interested to know various information about e-passport. So we are trying to provide all the necessary e-passport information so that you can apply for e-passport without any hassle.

Validity Of e-Passport

Generally, Bangladesh Immigration and Passport Department is issuing e-passports in two different terms. However, the e-passport of any one term will be determined by the authorities depending on the age. In this case the applicant has to apply for e-passport for the required period.

The validity of the e-passport is

  1. 48 pages or 64 pages for a period of 5 years.
  2. 48 pages or 64 pages for a period of 10 years.
  3. Passports for all below 18 years will be valid for 05 years and 48 pages.

Application Fee For e-Passport

The amount of application fee for e-passport varies under different conditions. Because here the application fee is taken according to the time of passport delivery. Generally, Bangladesh Immigration and Passport Department issues passports with 3 types of working days. That is, Regular delivery within 15 / 21 working days, Express delivery within 7 / 10 working days and Super Express delivery within 2 working days. So whoever has such an emergency, he can apply for e-passport using the prescribed fee. So let’s find out about the e-passport application fee.

15 to 21 Working Days e-Passport Fee

Pages 5 Years 10 Years
48 Pages 4,025 Taka 5,750 Taka
64 Pages 6,325 Taka 8,050 Taka

7 to 10 Working Days e-Passport Fee

Pages 5 Years 10 Years
48 Pages 6,325 Taka 8,050 Taka
64 Pages 8,625 Taka 10,350 Taka

2 Working Days e-Passport Fee

Pages 5 Years 10 Years
48 Pages 8,625 Taka 10,350 Taka
64 Pages 12,075 Taka 13,800 Taka

E-Passport Fee for Bangladesh Mission Person

Bangladesh Mission candidates have separate e-passport fees for “General Applicants” and “Labors and Students“. In this case, the noticeable difference in fees is only for the 48-page regular passport. However, the 64-page passport fees are the same for regular and express delivery.

Regular delivery

Pages Candidates 5 Years 10 Years
48 Pages General Applicants 100 USD 125 USD
48 Pages Labors and Students 30 USD 50 USD
64 Pages General Applicants 150 USD 175 USD
64 Pages Labors and Students 150 USD 175 USD

Express delivery (Same For General Applicants & Labors and Students)

Pages 5 Years 10 Years
48 Pages 150 USD 175 USD
64 Pages 200 USD 225 USD

Required Documents and Instructions for e-passport

We know that the e-passport application is very sensitive and if not done properly there will be no end of trouble. Therefore, one should decide to fill out the application form after obtaining the proper documents required for an e-passport and being aware of the correct instructions.

However, in this case, the applicant will not need to attest any documents. However, the documents required to apply for a passport vary based on age, occupation, and status. For example, children below 18 years, adults 18 years or older, students, employees, elderly people, adopted people, and married or divorced people, need different documents. So check the necessary instructions according to your acceptance.

Children Under 18 and 18-20 Years

National Identity Card (NID) or Online Birth Registration Certificate: The main document for applying for a passport is a card or document relating to the person’s national identity. So those who have a National Identity Card ID card will need NID. Moreover, children under 18 usually do not have national identity cards. So they must submit an Online Birth Certificate (BRC English Version) as proof of identity.

Passports for all below 18 years will be valid for 05 years and 48 pages. If applying for a child below the age of 06 years, a 3R size (lab print gray background) photograph must be submitted along with the application.

Parent Information: All applicants have to provide parental information in the application form. However, in the case of those who do not have NID i.e. for minors, the NID number of parents must be provided in the application.

Relevant Certificates: Relevant certificates like school enrollment, Prottayon Potro, confirmation letters, or any other document should be attached if applicable to the students. If the applicant is associated with any government or private sector job or any profession, then relevant attestation, clearance, or certificate based on his profession will be required.

Adults (over 20 years)

National Identity Card (NID): Persons above 20 years of age must use their National Identity Card (NID) as proof of identity for passport applications. Moreover, if one applies from a Bangladesh Mission abroad, an Online Birth Registration Certificate (BRC English Version) will be acceptable in his case.

Documents Required for Students: Students must include a certificate from their educational institution to confirm their student identity.

Documents Required for Employed Persons: Depending on the occupation, relevant certificates, such as technical certificates (eg: doctor, engineer, driver etc.) or employment related documents, should be uploaded/attached.

Elderly Persons (Above 65 Years)

For individuals above 65 years, the NID serves as proof of identity. In this case, no additional certificates are specified for elderly applicants. The validity of the above 65 years of e-passport applications will be 05 years and pages 48.

Additional General Requirements

Adopted Persons: In case of adoption/guardianship, an order issued by the Protection Services Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs must be submitted.

Married or Divorced Persons: Marriage Certificate/Nikahnama if you are married and Talaknama if divorced.

Diplomatic passport: If you want to apply for a diplomatic passport, then you must submit the application form at the Consular and Welfare Wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at the head office of the Directorate of Immigration and Passports.

Foreign Mission: If applying for a new passport from a foreign mission, mention your contact address in Bangladesh as your permanent address.

Passport Re-Issue: For re-issuance of passport you need to provide details of your previous original passport in the application form. Also, the original passport should be submitted while applying at the passport office.

Lost passport: If your passport is lost or stolen, report it to the nearest police station immediately. While submitting the passport application submit the application form along with a photocopy of the old passport and GD copy.

Police Clearance Certificate: If you want to get a passport urgently then you should get a police clearance certificate on your own initiative before applying. Then apply online on an urgent basis by paying the prescribed application fee and submitting it along with the application. Then processing will be attempted in at least 2 working days depending on your urgency and location.

Submission of Passport Application: Original National Identity Card (NID) or Online Birth Registration Certificate (BRC English Version) and Technical Certificate, Government Order (GO)/No Objection (NOC) as applicable should be produced/submitted at the time of submission of application. In this case, all applications should be submitted to the concerned Departmental Passport and Visa Office/Regional Passport Office/Bangladesh Mission Abroad.

Required Documents and Instructions for e-passport
Official instructions for e-passport from epassport.gov.bd

Follow these guidelines and try to apply for an e-passport by providing the required documents. Then a smooth processing of e-passport applications based on specific category and age will be done.

How To Apply Online e-Passport Application Form?

By now you may have known a lot of information about e-passport and its application. So now you want to know about the rules and procedures to fill e-passport application form online correctly. Now we will discuss and show you the details of passport application in this series with pictures.

Generally in 5 steps, you can get your e-passport. That includes knowing and confirming your regional passport office. Only then you can apply online. In this case, your application will have to pay certain fees based on urgency. Then the application form along with the necessary documents should be submitted in person at the passport office and along with this biometric enrollment should be done. Finally, once the e-passport is ready you need to visit the passport office again to collect your passport by showing the specified receipt. So let’s see how to complete the entire process of getting your e-passport seamlessly step by step.

Check Availability of e‑Passport in your region

You need to check if there is a passport office where you live. In this case, start the first step of the application from this link: https://www.epassport.gov.bd/onboarding.

When the page opens, select your district and police station by selecting “Yes” if you are applying from Bangladesh. Then you will be directed to the regional passport office where you have to enroll your application.

And if you are abroad then selecting the country where you are located will show you the Bangladesh Mission of the selected country. Select your nearest Bangladesh Mission and apply. (Although e-passport cannot be applied from Bangladesh Mission. If not then you will be shown a separate link to apply for a machine-readable passport.

  • So, select your District and Police Station and click on the Continue button to start your e-passport application.

E‑Passport Account

Create an epassport.gov.bd Account

An E-Passport account is required to complete the e-Passport application form. You can easily create an account from epassport.gov.bd by following the steps below.

Enter Your Email Address

On the next page, you have to enroll your email through which an account will be created on epassport.gov.bd. Later you can view all the information or make a new application with your email.

E‑Passport Account

Enter Your Account Information

In the next step provide your information for your account. For example, password, name, and mobile number.

In this case, enter a password of at least 6 characters for your epassport.gov.bd account. But the condition here is that the password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. Example: Password2023.

In personal information, enter your first name in the given name field and your surname or last name in the surname field as per the birth certificate or national identity card.
Provide your mobile number which you always use.

Tick the captcha box and click the Create Account button to proceed to the next step.

E‑Passport Account

Activate e‑Passport account

Now an email will be sent to your email with an activation link for account verification. You will receive a link in the email, open it, then your account will be verified and account creation will be completed.

E‑Passport Account

Sign in once the e-passport account is created.

E‑Passport Account

If you have not received any email from the ePassport Online Portal then click Resend button. Sometimes emails show up in the spam folder. So check the spam folder of the email before resending.

E‑Passport Account

Fill Up Online New e-Passport Application Form

After registering an epassport.gov.bd account, log in to the online registration portal with your registered email and password. In this case, from your account dashboard, you can apply for a new e-passport application form online.

First, Click on the “Apply for a new e-Passport” button.

E‑Passport Application

Select the type of passport you want to apply for and click on the Continue button. Generally, in most people’s cases, an Ordinary Passport should be selected.

E‑Passport Application

In the next step provide your personal information. Here, tick the “I apply for myself” box if you are applying for the person with whose name and mobile number you have registered the account. Then automatically the information in your account (name and mobile number) will be filled in. Also, fill in the rest of the information like Gender, Profession, Religion, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, and Birth Formula, and save and continue.

E‑Passport Application

Then, fill in the Address, ID Document, Parental Information, Marital Information (if any), Emergency Contact, Passport Option, Delivery Option, and Appointment Information correctly. Then pay the application fee and finally print the application form.

Passport Office Biometric Enrolment

Fill out the online application form take the application copy and necessary documents to your regional passport office and do the biometric enrollment. In this case, some passport offices allow pre-selected appointments. And for those that do not allow you to choose an appointment, you have to go and stand in line. In this case, the earlier in the morning you can go and stand in the queue, the sooner your photograph and biometric enrollment will be completed.

Police Verification

After completing the e-passport application, the police verification process usually begins. In this case, the police may call you and ask you to bring the necessary documents like ID card, parent’s ID card, or SSC certificate, etc. In this case, there is no need to pay any money to the police.

In case of an emergency passport, you have to get police verification before applying. In this case, you can shorten the process of your e-passport by applying for police clearance from this link https://pcc.police.gov.bd/ords/pcc2/r/pcc/home as per rules.

Status Check

Collect your e-Passport


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